About Us

About Us

Secure systems, secure products


RAS-IT is a cybersecurity consulting company that offers software security assessment solutions to support the life cycle of the development of safer systems, network, websites, applications and web services. We are regional pioneers in the specialized segment of information security, offering services such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and digital forensics. Over the years, we have developed several internationally recognized scanning tools for the market of security assessment and risk assessment processes. Some of the tools we were in charge of developing have become a part of various Linux penetration testing distributions. “Outlook Web Access Brute Forcer” tool has been recommended by DEFCON winners. Our expertise comes from corporate, banking, government and software development sector. However, we have the ability to transform state-of-the-art technologies and services into customized solutions for customers of all sizes.

Mission & Vision

We are experts in evaluating the security of critical it solutions. We control the level of risk as we develop specific products and provide increased protection against security threats as well as strive for the peace of mind you need to use your it solutions.

We aim to raise your business to a level of security that allows you to develop it with confidence, security and trustworthiness.

Meet our team

Dejan Levaja

CEO and Lead PenTester

A multi-skilled IT security expert with comprehensive experience of designing, deploying and maintaining IT security architectures and infrastructure. Expert in manual and automated network and operating systems penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. Ability to exploit known vulnerabilities and discover previously unknown (“zero day”) vulnerabilities The results of his work in this field were published on numerous international expert platforms such as SecurityFocus, Secunia and CERT. He was awarded multiple times for security testing results by Microsoft USA.

Nikola Kojic

Senior PenTester

Nikola Kojic has an extensive experience in pentesting high-profile and high-risk web applications, which enables him to detect security gaps in services and applications that are nearly invisible even to the most sophisticated software tools. He has successfully detected and reported a significant number of both open code and closed code software deficiencies. He was awarded multiple times for security testing by the Microsoft, US Department of Defense, Yelp, Quora, Mail.ru, Adobe, Apple, and many others.

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