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RAS-IT consultants have managed to stand out in the field of IT Security and have had a positive impact on numerous companies and their data security. We have contributed to the field of IT Security by identifying a significant number of security vulnerabilities in operating systems, commercial and open-source code, popular CCTV systems, web applications and websites of Fortune 500 companies (including Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle, and others). The results of our researches have been recognized as significant by some outstanding portals and information sources, such as Bugtraq, SecurityFocus, and Secunia.

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RAS-IT also develops its own tools that are required for its activities. The most popular vulnerability scanners, such as Nessus, use among other things tests that are based on our company’s research. You can find some of our free tools here. Feel free to use them.


RAS-IT employees were the initiators, organizers, and hosts to many workshops and trainings over the years. They have passed knowledge of IT security area onto numerous colleagues and IT experts who have the tendency to master the skills related to IT security.



TV / Radio

  • Dobro Jutro – Jovana & Srdjan – Dejan Levaja, Predrag Vuckovic – [Link]
  • Dobro Jutro – Jovana & Srdjan – Sasa Zivanovic, Dejan Levaja – [Link]
  • Kakve rizike donose veb-kamere u Srbiji? – [Link]
  • Druga strana racunara, Radio Beograd – [Link]

Web / Press

  • B92: Patrola: Sajber kriminalci – [Link]
  • Blic: Sistemi banaka nisu potpuno sigurni – [Link]
  • Redspin: Attacking Webmail User Accounts – [Link]
  • ZDNet: Windows DoS flaw made public – [Link]

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